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Watchful Wednesday 02.07.2018

Watchful Wednesday we will be posting the latest ventriloquist videos that are on YouTube, Facebook and where ever else we can find them.  If you would like to be featured as one of our videos post a video and tell us about it! We will be posting only the new videos for that week so there will be good videos, bad videos and fun videos.  Most videos will be family friendly and, if not, we will post a warning on the list of videos.  So without further ado on with the videos folks!

This weeks videos are

How To Be a Ventriloquist! Lesson 1 | JEFF DUNHAM
Pete Michaels Demo
Vivien Goh, Sweetheart The Ventriloquist
Sinach’s I know who I am
The Layover – April Brucker Clip
Gabby’s Children’s Message “Looking for Jesus”
BurgerFi: Ventriloquist

Use the arrows to scroll through all 7 videos and be sure to watch them all!  HAVE FUN!!