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Sylvia Fletcher


‘The Magic Trunk’ with Sylvia Fletcher comes to Big Tupper Brewing Saturday with two shows

With influences like ventriloquist Paul Winchell, “Saturday Night Live,” Nick at Night and the Cartoon Network, Sylvia Fletcher used her talents to …

Kevin Johnson


‘Godzilla Theater’ Ventriloquist to Make a Stop at the Firehouse

The Master Ventriloquist, comedian, and magician skyrocketed to fame with his appearance on America’s Got Talent, and brings “A new generation of …

Paul Zerdin


Paul Zerdin: All Mouth, Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury – review

It goes without saying that his ventriloquism skills are top notch – there’s not a hint of movement from his lips and he has a strong command of a range …

Vinod Narnat

Daniel Jay Answers Questions on REDDIT About Darci Lynne

I was asked 10 questions from a Darci fan on REDDIT and asked if I would give my honest answers to these questions.  Here are my answers below.  You can see the post on REDDIT by CLICKING HERE!

1) How do you rate her technical skills? Is she disguising her mouth and throat movements well?

a. I rate her technical skills 9 out of 10. She has really mastered the art of ventriloquism and you see very few flaws in her performance if any. I wouldn’t rate anyone 10 out of 10 because we always have room to improve. I’ve said before that I place her in the top 1% of ventriloquists. As far as “disguising” her mouth and throat movement. She does a great job not moving her lips which is the premise of ventriloquism. There’s really no way to disguise your throat movement other than wearing a turtle neck or a scarf.

2) How do you rate her showmanship?

a. Her showmanship is phenomenal and you can tell that she has put many hours in practice to make sure that it is. On this I would give a 10 out of 10.

3) Is singing a special challenge for ventriloquists? Or was her choice an easy lift?

a. Singing is extremely difficult to do without moving your lips. Getting your voice to project means opening your mouth wider to do it which you can not do as a ventriloquist so it takes many hours of practice which Darci has obviously done. Not an easy lift at all.

4) Do you agree with her statement: “I would really like to keep ventriloquism alive. Because it’s not common, you know”?

a. Not as much as I would have about 10 years ago. AGT has really helped ventriloquism to become one of the novelty acts that people are talking about again. When I was growing up ventriloquism was popular because they were on TV almost weekly. In the 70’s through the new millennial ventriloquism was not as popular but Jeff Dunham and AGT has helped that change quite a bit. But I can tell you this. I run a website for ventriloquism and Darcis appearance and winning AGT has boosted my website activity so she has definitely done what she was looking to do.

5) What else should readers know about ventriloquism or your view of her place in the profession?

a. Readers should know that it takes years to become a great ventriloquist. This is not to discourage anyone but to encourage those that are willing to put in the time and have a passion for it. What Darci’s been able to do in two years time is phenomenal but with proper training and commitment anyone can perform ventriloquism.

Next, I have some questions of my own:

6) What would you say are Darci’s strengths? You’ve said that during the Quarterfinals she ‘showed skills of manipulation that we’ve only seen by the likes of Dan Horn’. Is there anything else that she’s particularly good at?

a. Singing with her puppets is her forte. That is definitely her strength. Keeping her puppets alive is also something that she does very well. Making her puppets seem like they are alive and not just a puppet. If you notice when she’s talking the puppet is still moving and looking around. This is a skill that not many ventriloquists have.

7) And what are her weaknesses? Where does she next improve?

a. I don’t really see a whole lot of weeknesses. I will leave this with her coaches and trainers. The only thing she might want to do is hire some good comedy writers to help her put a good show together but even her jokes played off well.

8) You’ve said that you ‘put her in the top 1%’. Is this of all ventriloquists, or of young ventriloquists?

a. All ventriloquists. At least all that I have witnessed and can compare her to. She is really that good.

9) You’ve said that ‘only a ventriloquist can truly appreciate what she’s been able to accomplish in such a short period of time’. Could you give us some details as to what sort of things she’s accomplished?

a. Learning how to perform ventriloquism without moving your lips. Puppet manipulation. Singing while keeping your mouth closed and still projecting your voice. The funny thing is that she really never even did any novelty ventriloquism such as the distant voice or telephone voice or echo. If she ever decides to throw those in I’m sure that will be fantastic. Shoot, Darci may be the first to master the double voice since Fred Ketch! I bet if she decides to do it she will!!

9) It seems you (or Crazy Uncle Fester) met Darci at the Ventriloquist ConVENTion in 2016. What was your opinion of her then compared to now? Did you think she was destined for stardom?

a. When I met Darci at the ConVENTion she had already been on Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots so I knew of her and her ability somewhat. She was very polite to everyone and her family was (and is) great. She was at the ConVENTion this year right after she got the golden buzzer. She is someone that will not let fame go to her head and my opinion of her has not change other than seeing many more of her talents developing on AGT. Her future is set as long as she follows the path that her Lord has set out for her!

10) And finally, are you going to see her Vegas show?

a. I am not going to Vegas but I will see her live again I’m sure. If not locally I’m sure she and her family will be at the ConVENTion again.