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David Strassman

Ventriloquist David Strassman plans to push the limits of puppetry in new show

Ventriloquist David Strassman and his menagerie of puppets are returning to Palmerston North with a new show that holds a mirror to our modern …

Sheikh Ahmad Mahadi Baladram

Ventriloquist Pak Jalud dies

KUALA LUMPUR: The first Malaysian ventriloquist, Sheikh Ahmad Mahadi Baladram has reportedly died due to chronic asthma at the age of 70.

Bill Lisby

Catch Bill’s YouTube video.  Some really good stuff here!

Our day with Terry & Angie Fator

Angie & Terry Fator with Daniel Jay & Sue

What a great day we had Sunday, March 5, 2017 when Terry Fator came to town.  It all started Friday night when Terry’s assistant B.J. emailed me and told me he had a family emergency and was turning things over to Jim, Terry’s manager.  Then B.J. texted me and said that he reached out to Terry and he would be calling me.  Earlier in the week I had emailed Terry and told him that I was a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and asked if he wanted to take a tour of it before the show.  He said that he was too busy but thanked me for the offer.  When Terry called he said that he had discussed the Rock Hall with Angie and would like to try to go on Sunday.  With a little persuasion I talked Sue into going with me to the Rock Hall and to see Terry’s show on Sunday.  Jim then called and said that we could sit in on the sound check before Terry’s show.  AWESOME!!

Sunday rolled around and I texted Terry and asked him to let me know when he was about an hour away because it took us about an hour to get to the Hard Rock Rocksino where he was performing.  He texted me a little while later and mentioned that he was about 75 miles away from the Rock Hall and was going to drive straight there.  Sue and I met Terry and Angie at the Rock Hall and were able to get a tour guide to take us through the hall and tell us some pretty great stories about the displays (did you know Jimi Hendrix’s first name at birth was Johnny?).  Terry was short on time because he had to get to his sound check by 5:30 so we had about 1 1/2 hours to check out the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  The time went quickly and we headed on over to the Rocksino for the sound check and the show.  We picked up our tickets and Jim called and let us know that someone would be meeting us at the door to let us in for the sound check.  Here is my Facebook live during the sound check.

I wanted to bring Slate in to get a picture of Me with Slate and Terry with Duggie but the casino personnel wouldn’t let me bring Slate in (Terry said they must have had a problem with puppets).  The video above I had just run to and from the car TWICE!  Once getting Slate, being told I wasn’t allowed to bring him in, and then returning him to the car.  Oh well, it was worth a shot.  Anyway I got back to catch the finish of the sound check and then Terry invited us backstage to wait until it was time for the show.  It was great to talk ventriloquism, AGT and about life in general.  Also we got to meet a very brave boy name Elijah that is dealing with a form of cancer called Mets Ewing Sarcoma.  His story is fantastic!  The doctors said he wouldn’t be able to walk but he fights through it and proves them wrong.  By the way, Elijah is also a ventriloquist and when he’s not getting treatment at the hospital he performs for some of the kids.  It was great to meet him and his family!  You can donate to Elijah’s cause on his GoFundMe account

Terry’s show was amazing as always and the most fantastic thing that Terry did the whole night was when he announced Elijah and told his story.  Also he mentioned that all of the profits from merchandise sales was going to Elijah and his family.  A great day with great people and a phenomenal show.  If you haven’t caught Terry yet in person you’re missing a lot.  Our day was absolutely one to remember and, you know what, I think Sue had fun too!!