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Do You Need More Professional Equipment? – By Mark Wade

Mark Wade 2010

What marks a true professional?  Is it the routines they use?..or their composure onstage? Of do we mark a professional by their advertising materials?  The answers are yes, yes, and yes. But there is something more.  A true professional has equipment that looks professional, and the upkeep of this equipment is first class all the way.

 Often I have witnessed vents who speak of professionalism with props and puppets that look like they need a great deal of overhauling.  Their trunks and carrying cases are are torn, scuffed and dirty (or need to be replaced) and their puppets are almost amateur in their appearance.  Professionalism starts with appearance, and you should complete the process by having top-notch props.  Replace tables that cannot be repainted, replated, or repaired. Use the very puppets you can find and purchase.  Don’t use kid’s toy puppets and expect a professional response from your audience. If you do have professional puppets make sure their clothing is clean, and orderly. Your appearance is involved with making a good first impression. And that impression can set the tone for what comes next, your act.

 Take inventory of your show props.  Look them over and make a check list to make certain  they match the level of professionalism for which you are striving .  Little things make a big difference.   Let these little things set you apart!

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