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Ventriloquist Sideshow


Ventriloquist Sideshow
Ventriloquist Sideshow are figures that are a unique creation from the mind of James Eisenberg. Check out his creations on his website.


Ventriloquist Sideshow’s Star Rating on Cybervent.

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Ventriloquist Sideshow’s Reviews.

Innovation Is Good

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I have bought a few figures from Jimmy and even had him customize one of his figures for me. Jimmy is a pro. I always like it when someone comes in with a new twist and style that shakes things up. That’s where Jimmy comes in. He’s applied his personality and artistic sensibilities to a market that somewhat one-note and the outcome is refreshing. Many may not like his artistic choices but I find them interesting and fun. I’m not sure how commercial these figures are but I’m sure someone could make them work with a bit of creativity and chutzpa. I love his work and the creative and innovative mechanics he dreams up. I have found the controls to be a bit uncomfortable for me but Hey, everybody’s hands are different. I think Jimmy’s work will make a lasting mark on the vent community.

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