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Tyler Ellis



Tyler has been a fan of ventriloquism most of his life.  It all started when his mother bought him a toy dummy for his eighth Christmas.  There was just something about this ancient, quirky art form that had him hooked.

 When most boys were busy riding bikes and chasing girls, Tyler was in his room trying to learn how to speak without moving his lips. (he knew what the girls REALLY liked….ventriloquism!)  Then, when Tyler entered Junior High, he felt the need to “step it up a notch” with his quirky hobby.  He decided to work a whole summer at his Dad’s business so he could purchase his first professional figure. After all, he knew he would be a professional ventriloquist when he got older, so it would pay off!

 Not only has Tyler always loved ventriloquism, but he was also fascinated by how the figures were built.  Then in 2005, Tyler was introduced to professional ventriloquist and master figure builder, Greg Claassen.  Their friendship quickly grew, and Greg became Tyler’s mentor in the art of figure building.  Before Tyler knew it, he had his own workshop and Dapper Dummies was born.

 Tyler is still waiting for his big break into show business.  Until that happens, he can be found spending time with his lovely wife, Amanda, or down in his dummy shop building little friends.

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Tyler Ellis’ Reviews.

Skeezix's renovation expert!

5 5 1
Tyler Ellis repaired and restored our Foy Brown figure, Skeezix, whose progress can be seen on Tyler's web site. Tyler is meticulous and careful and restored Skeezix to a beautiful, yet classic looking figure. I would recommend Tyler to anyone who needs a PERFECT restoration done on any figure....

A supreme talent placed inside a great guy!

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Tyler built my drunk character "Buzz" and I couldn't be happier! From the design phase to the build and the delivery, Tyler was a joy to work with. I like people who bring ideas to the table and Tyler does that I spades. If you're looking for someone to build a figure, you can't go wrong with this amazing talent named Tyler Ellis. Did I mention it only took him a couple of months from start to finish? Great communication as well. You won't regret having this guy build your next custom figure!

Style and Grace

4 5 1
Tyler is new to the figure-making scene but don’t underestimate him. He’s got it all. Creativity, style, character, personality and professionalism. I think I own his first figure, which is Hank. The character is a showstopper. Everyone who see’s him loves him. A great character doesn’t need a lot of animations and such. Hank has moving mouth and raising eyebrows and that’s all he needs. The figure speaks volumes and comes to life with nothing more required but talent from a vent. The figure stands out from the crowd and is infused with Tyler’s style and spirit. Tyler is also a great guy. He is helpful and gracious. He cares about his figures and his customers. He’s open to feedback and collaboration.

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