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Tim Selberg

Tim Selberg

Wood figures from Tim’s studio are meticulously hand carved from basswood, which comes from the Linden tree. Basswood is preferred because of its durability and very close grain, which allows for finely detailed sculpture. Linden trees grow in the forests for centuries before fully mature. Tim Selberg carefully selects only the finest kiln-dried basswood for his carved figures. Once in his skilled hands a miracle gradually takes place out of the ordinary. Visit Tim at

Tim Selberg’s Star Rating on Cybervent.

timselberg Overall rating: ★★★★☆ 4.2 based on 9 reviews
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Tim Selberg’s Reviews.

totaly satisfied

5 5 1
tim is a true gentleman to work with, will personally talk on phone w/customer to insure you get what you want 100% satisfied w/his productivity

Beautiful and functional!

5 5 1
Tim made my figures Mr. Johnson and Milo DeVille. I am completely satisfied with both and get many compliments after my shows from audience members. They are full of personality due to their unique look.

Awesome Figure Maker

5 5 1
Five Star! Beautiful Workmanship. Great Artistc details. Great Audience first Impression. Figures hold their value. Tim is Great to work with. Order Well in advance.

Amazing Craftsman

3 5 1
Tim is a master craftsman. His figures have been considered the “Cadillac” of vent figures for a very long time. I have owned many of his figures over the years. Wood carved and “Like-Wood” versions. All have been amazing creations. His artistry is amazing and awe-inspiring. He is truly talented. The paint on Tim’s figures is superb. All the figures I have owned of Tim’s have been bought second hand. My personal buying experience did not go very well. The communication was poor and due to an extremely long wait time with lackluster communication, unkept promises and no movement after nearly two-years I threw in the towel. I know many people have gotten figures from Tim in a timely manner and I know many others who have had similar experiences to mine. Tim is an artist first and foremost and it clearly shows in his work but it also shows in his professionalism and business acumen.

Takes money and never delivers figure

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I made a deposit on a custom figure in august 2005 and sent pictures and description of the figure I wanted. He took the deposit, never started the project, and 10 years later still won't refund my money. He figures might be fantastic, but that seems irrelevant if he only takes your money.

The BEST for a Reason!!

5 5 1
I purchased my first Selberg figure direct from Tim. I was fortunate enough that he happened to have a Max in stock but needed painting. I had it in my hands in two weeks! Being a professional artist myself, I had high expectations from everything i have heard of his work. He met all of them and MORE! Honestly I could not find a single, even slight flay in his work from casting, mechanics to his remarkable paint jobs! Typically I know most folks wait much longer...but I can assure you his figures are well worth the wait. True GENIUS!!

I own several Selbergs ..

4 5 1
Tim is one of the finest Figure Makers of our Era .. If you order direct from His Factory .. and the figure is not in stock .. You'll wait .. & ..wait .. & wait some more..and maybe keep waiting .. But when you finally receive it .. You'll be glad ... It was worth waiting for.. !

Satisfied 2 times over.

5 5 1
I have had two figures built by Tim Selberg. One was a Sammy figure and the other was the Danny O' Day Tribute figure. both are flawless and amazing. Tim is as communicative as he is able to be and he does return emails and phone calls even if it takes him awhile. Yes, if not in stock, the figures WILL take quite awhile my Sammy figure took a year and a half and my Danny about 10 months. Sure, I was frothing at the mouth to receive both figures but the payoff was well worth the wait. I would definitely have Tim do another figure for me and recommend him to anyone else looking for high end professional figures.

Awesome figure and service!

5 5 1
I ordered a customized Max in November and got him in time for the Vent Haven ConVENTion! The figure is beautiful and works wonderfully! Thanks Tim!

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