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Tim Cowles

Tim Cowles

Tim Cowles

Tims love of ventriloquism began at an early age after seeing a ventriloquist at his grandparents Christian camp. Tim soon learned that when “a dummy talks, people listen!”
As time went by, Tim began constructing his own characters and soon met figure maker, Chuck Jackson. Chuck became Tim’s mentor and a lifelong friendship was struck.
Tims love of details is evident in his completed characters, they just look like they are ready to speak! Visit his site at

Tim Cowles’ Star Rating on Cybervent.

timcowles Overall rating: ★★☆☆☆ 1.7 based on 10 reviews
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Tim Cowles’ Reviews.

Took to long and made excuses

2 5 1
The only reason Tim gets a 2 instead of a 1 is I did finally receive the figure. It wasn't exactly what I ordered and was promised things that weren't delivered. Tim is a great guy but not a good business person. Procrastinates and then makes excuses.

not happy

3 5 1
ordered a body over 6 mos. ago, still have not received it will not reply to e mail whether sent to him or his website

wonderful experience

5 5 1
I bought one of Tim's figures on the secondary market. After owning it short time there was a problem with one of the mechanics. I emailed him to get some thoughts on how I might repair it. Tim not only responded to my email immediately, he had me ship the head directly to him, repaired the issue, and completely repainted the head. I had the figure back within two weeks. A wonderful smooth experience.

Excuses Excuses Excuses!

1 5 1
ordered a custom on a 4 to 6 month lead time. After 19 months I got a figure that was mechanically a train wreck! The features wanted most hardly worked at all almost "0" movement! Would not recommend to anyone!

Nice Guy

1 5 1
Tim is a nice guy but is overwhelmed and can’t fulfill on his orders or his promises. His communication is very poor, he makes a lot of excuses for his poor choices and ultimately he fails to meet his commitments. As a businessman he is poor and I cannot recommend him based on my personal experience with him.


1 5 1
If it had been up to me...he wouldn't have gotten any star at all. But it's required. I bought a figure from him in 2008 and it took 10 months with the WORST communication I've ever experienced. The figure was a mess. I finally wound up selling him as every time I looked at him I was reminded of the bad experience. DO NOT buy from Cowles!

thief & scam artist

1 5 1
I had asked Tim to make me a carved wooden head only. I was going to finish it myself (mechanics / paint). We agreed on the price of $550.00. I sent him the deposit he asked for, and a month or so later, he contacted me stating the head was finished. I quickly sent him the balance. That was 2 and half years ago and I still do not have my puppet. I have made several attempts to contact him and request my money back, but am continually ignored. This man is a thief! Do not trust him! I have checked into legal action, but their is not much I can do. Do yourself a favor, and do not buy from him!

Where is the custom case?

1 5 1
I ordered a figure from Tim after seeing his work at the Vent convention. His figures are very smooth in the workings. We agreed that his custom case which he sells for $250.00 to $300.00 would be part of our $3350.00 deal. It was 11 days short of a year to get the dummy which by the way was everything thing I wanted and I love it. I was very pleased. But a deal is a deal and still not custom case. That was almost 2 years ago. Tim please send me the case or $250.00 dollars Back.

Out $200.00

1 5 1
I ordered a set of feet for my figure in 2013 and paid $200.00. After 6 months of emails he suddenly quit communicating and I have yet to receive anything. It would cost more in legal fees than it's worth. Thanks for nothing Tim.

POS figure

1 5 1
I had ordered a handcarved figure from Tim; and, while it was ON TIME, the mechanics were "sticky" and didn't work properly. Sent email and text complaints with NO replies back from Tim about the issues. So, had Chance Wolf fix the figure. Better now than when it was delivered from Cowles.

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