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Jarrod Boutcher

Jerald Boutcher
Jarrod Boutcher Puppets build professional puppets created with loving detail. Each puppet is unique and hand made with only the best materials available. Boutcher’s Star Rating on Cybervent.
jarrod Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.5 based on 2 reviews
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Jarrod Boutcher’s Reviews.

Love JB Puppets!!

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I bought my 1st Boutcher puppet a couple of months ago. These puppets are amazing!! Super light-weight, wide range of movement, very comfortable. Not only that, but they are incredibly expressive. They're the closest thing you'd ever get to owning an actual Muppet. Like Jarrod's work so much, I just bought another one!

Looks great, but...

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I had Jarrod build me a custom-made puppet a few ago. I had long admired the look of his work. Jarrod was easy to work with, and the puppet he built for me was indeed beautiful. However, it was a bit heavy and unwieldy for a soft puppet. My hand became fatigued quite quickly after working with the puppet. I ended up selling it.

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