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Creative Ministry Solutions

Creative Ministry Solutions

Creative Ministry Solutions has taken over the assets of One Way Street, Inc. effective September 1, 2011. Dale and Liz VonSeggen, principal owners of Creative Ministry Solutions, are committed to excellent customer service and to offering the very best in creative ministry resources and training! Visit them at

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Creative Ministry Solutions’ Reviews.

Dale and Liz always produce!

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I love their work and think they are just great people. Glad to see they brought back I-fest and look forward to attending again. They produce quality puppets and stand behind them!!

Christian Vent Go to Shop!

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This is the place to go for ideas, books, skits, songs, and puppets for church focused puppeteers. I also love the Safety Rock CD for schools or preschools. The puppets cover a wide range in price. For ventriloquism I like their top end puppets, which include the Pannebecher style mouth for comfort, insertable arm rods, and a body that is designed to move separately from the neck for greater maneuverability. My wish list includes another of their top vent puppets.

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