Soft Puppets

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The king of soft latex figures Steve Axtell.  Most all ventriloquists including the famous, have at least one Axtell in their collection.  Check out Steve's reasonable priced figures today!!

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Barry Gordemer is an award-winning puppeteer, writer and producer. He's been designing, building & performing puppets since 1983.
In 2003, He  received a Telly award for his puppet designs and his performance as Alphie the Alligator on the DVD series, "The Sound and the Furry."  In 2000, Barry performed on the CD "Dreamosauraus." It received a Grammy nomination for "Best Musical Album for Kids.”

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Creative Ministry Solutions has taken over the assets of One Way Street, Inc. effective September 1, 2011. Dale and Liz VonSeggen, principal owners of Creative Ministry Solutions, are committed to excellent customer service and to offering the very best in creative ministry resources and training! 

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Building custom-made figures: textile puppets are created here after individual specifications or own drafts under the direction of puppet-builder/puppet-player Norman Schneider.Whatever you wish for - Norman Schneider brings it to life. The repertoire covers funny hand puppets, life-size walk acts, portrait-figures with strong character, rod puppets and ventriloquist dummies.

Jarrod Boutcher
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Kem’s professional handcrafted figures are constructed of very light and durable fiberglass. They are 38 to 41 inches tall and each masterpiece features side to side hand painted eyes, gapless slot mouth and a ball/socket neck. Each has a realistic hollow fiberglass body with stuffed cloth arms and legs. The controls are metal pushrods running through brass guide tubes and will provide years of trouble free smooth response. The figures ship with basic clothing.

Lunas Puppets
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Kevin Gorby - Art Major with a Background in Engineering and Machining in prototype development. Lead builder, animatronics, machining, rigging and electrical, Character Sculpting, molding making and casting.  

Andrea Gorby - Background in Engineering and Biology, Lead seamstress, costume and suite designer, patterning and Fab, Fleece coloring.

Mary Ann Taylor
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MAT Puppets are the creations of Mary Ann Taylor. From the MAT Puppets studio in Salem, Virginia (USA), Mary Ann works with ventriloquists, puppeteers, theatre groups and various organizations to bring foam, fabrics and ideas to life. Her custom-made figures generally feature moving mouths and are very light weight.

Nutty Puppets
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Custom made puppets for all occasions! Visit their website today!

Pavlovs Puppets
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Pavlovs Puppets is a designer and manufacturer of unique, high quality  hand made professional puppets. We make many different designs in the form of hand crafted foam sculpted puppets.  All of the Pavlovs Puppets products are designed and hand crafted by Ivan and Maria Pavlov.

Pavlovs Puppets has a wide range of professional puppets offerings. At the moment selection of puppets offered by Pavlovs is more then 400 characters.  It is the largest and fastest growing selection of professional puppets in the World.

PJ's Puppets
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Our business goal is to provide puppeteers and ventriloquists with quality, affordable, and original puppets; and further, we specifically wish to encourage and enable those who consider puppetry to be their ministry, helping to further the kingdom of God, and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Puppet Planet
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Not your average hand puppet!

You won't find mass produced children's toys here!
I dont rush the process by substituting quality for quantity in an attempt to make more money.
I love my work and consider each character an art form. Time and personal attention go into the handmade construction of each puppet to achieve the best QUALITY standards. I use a wide variety of fabric, materials, accessories, and design shapes so that a unique character is created.

Each one is HANDCRAFTED with love, imagination, and fine little details such as artificial finger nails, "make up", unique hair textures, and big expressive eyes. Faux watches, jewelry, brief cases, instruments, and other props can be created to strengthen your character's personality.

PUPPET PLANET has several types of puppets to choose from so that everyone can afford a quality looking puppet. From our basic hand puppets all the way up to the highest studio TV quality, you describe details of the character you want or submit a photo / drawing as well.

Custom Muppet style PORTRAIT PUPPETS made from photos are increasingly popular as unique gifts too! The possibilities are endless!

The Dummy Shoppe
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At The Dummy Shoppe, we want to be instrumental in creating ultimate harmony between you the Professional Ventriloquist and the new characters you need to improve your performance with your puppet partners. We don’t want to just sell you a dummy. Rather, we want to arrange long term, lasting relationships by creating a good marriage between you and your new puppet partner.

Werner Puppets
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Textile dolls to customer drawings or our design - to puppeteers, bugtalere, theater, film and television. Werner Puppets is in Denmark and is run by Manfred Werner. His dolls are quality and we would love to see him as an international creator!