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Mike Palma

Mike Palma

Mike Palma was interested in the art of ventriloquism at a very early age. He was always surrounded by Magic and Ventriloquism because his father was a Magician and Ventriloquist.

“I have always had a love for both magic and vent, but I seemed to be drawn more toward the vent side of it. I have a picture of myself at the age of 3 years old with my first Willy Talk vent doll. When I was young (pre-teens) the only vents I got to see were mainly Willy Tyler and Lester, Jay Johnson and Bob and that was about it!”

His father bought him his first Pro figure when he was about 10 years old. It was a Maher workshop/Lovik “Jingo” (which he still performs with till this day). The figure, now called “Eddie” has had a face lift, (re-carved, painted and wigged) by Chuck Jackson. It was about this time that Mike wanted to learn how to make figures.

When Mike was 18, he built his first ventriloquist figure out of plastic wood. Then he started to learn about sculpting, what to make the figures out of and in the mid 90′s he began his ventriloquist figure making venture.

Today, Mike makes high quality ventriloquist figures with great character as well as smooth and precise mechanics. Visit his website at

Mike Palma’s Star Rating on Cybervent.

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Mike Palma’s Reviews.

Vent Figures By A Working Vent

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It’s also interesting to compare the work of an artist to the work of an artist who actually performs at a professional level. That’s what you get with Mike Palma. Mike is a worker who builds with performance in mind. His paint jobs are stunning and done with a lot of love. He tries to create commercial characters that work on the stage and help vent get further down the line with routining and character creation. Mike is also a professional who understands what it means to make promises and keep them. His communication, professionalism and figures are all top notch. I have known Mike for many years and know how deep his passion for vent, the vent community and building figures runs. His desire to create, build and deliver vent figures go beyond just to make a buck or two. He wants to leave a legacy in the vent community and be a valuable part of its history in a positive way. I believe Mike has done that with his amazing creations and personal commitment to vents everywhere.


5 5 1
Mike's figures push the boundrys of what are expected in today's figures. Inovative and very creative characters, make Palma's figures truly one of a kind.

Super Talented Artistic Genius.

5 5 1
I have collaborated with Mike of a few projects and I have to say he is a funny, brilliant and amazing figure builder. His attention to detail is unsurpassed. He gets the job done in record time with flawless mechanics and outstanding paint jobs. You need a quality figure Mike's your guy!

Excellent Craftsmanship and Service

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Mike built my first ever "hard figure." A couple of years later he had an unfortunate accident that damaged the eye mechanism. Mike fixed the issue, and even did some touch up painting. Mike is an excellent craftsman, great to do business with, and a joy to see perform. I will certainly look his way when I want another figure.


5 5 1
I bought a Lovik figure that I knew need some help and at the time my skill level was not up to par to take on restoring a valuable antique Vent figure. Mike completely went through him and replaced every string and painted his face and re wigged him . I would hire Mike again anytime to fix or restore any Vent figure. A+ Job on my Lovik Figure. Fast turn around. Professional work.

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