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Kem Poyner

Kem Poyner

Kem’s professional handcrafted figures are constructed of very light and durable fiberglass. They are 38 to 41 inches tall and each masterpiece features side to side hand painted eyes, gapless slot mouth and a ball/socket neck. Each has a realistic hollow fiberglass body with stuffed cloth arms and legs. The controls are metal pushrods running through brass guide tubes and will provide years of trouble free smooth response. The figures ship with basic clothing. Visit his website at

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kempoyner Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 3 reviews
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Kem Poyner’s Reviews.

Great figures

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Love watching these figures come to life. Especially the children ones. Absolutely precious!

The best of the best

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Kem is a great figure maker! His mechanics are smooth and reliable. His character design goes unmatched. His figures are large sized but very light weight. He is quick to respond to questions. I have never met a ventriloquist with a Poyner figure that had anything negative to say. I recommend Kem Poyner very highly.

Easy as sunday morning

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Kem just created a one of a kind dummy for me and it was easy as sunday morning, don't expect a rush job, I didn't and got what I expected. Plans and creation steps were shown during the process for my approval, I'm a perfectionist. and Kem delivered

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