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Jerry Layne

Jerry Layne

For over 25 years Jerry Layne has been the leading supplier of professional ventriloquial figures to magic shops, and the motion picture and television industry.Jerry Layne ventriloquial figures have been featured on many TV shows such as: “Tales from the Crypt”, “Captain Kangaroo”, “Three’s Company”, “News Radio”, “Nash Bridges”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “Sister Sister”, “The Drew Carey Show”, and the motion pictures “Zapped”, “Beautiful”, as well as many TV commercials. Visit his website at

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Jerry Layne’s Reviews.

Still one of the best

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I've been carrying Jerry's figures on my website for over 12 years. Jerry was a great friend of Paul Winchell and he is the only person authorized to make replicas of Jerry and Knuck. Jerry's own figures have that classic look, his mechanics are smooth and he uses really high quality wigs on his figures. He has never missed a delivery deadline (usually finishing earlier than promised) and he's just a great person to deal with.

Not as 'good' as he was in the past.

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Jerry Layne makes only the worst Jerry Mahoney replicas out there. For over TWO DECADES, he has still not to this date made one replica that isn't horribly flawed. (excluding the one that's on display at the Vent Haven museum, of course..) I bought my replica two years back, and it looked nothing like the picture. Horrible clipping errors around the eye lids, the entire eye mechanism wasn't even installed right nor did it self center correctly, and he even spilled white paint on the wig of the dummy, I kid you not. The plaster head wasn't even casted right and had holes all over it. And last, but not least: the slot jaw didn't even work. I wish I were joking. Stiff, noisy, and would get stuck half way open every time. Basically unusable. Only worth $500 (and would be worth less than $100 if it didn't have Jerrys face on it)

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