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Joe LaPenna

Joe LaPenna

Joe LaPenna

Joe LaPenna started doing ventriloquism at the early age of 8. He received a Jerry Mahoney figure as a Christmas gift and this started him off and running to learn all he could about how to perform ventriloquism

Practicing and performing at his school over the years at age 16 Joe turned to artistry and became a special effects makeup artist a career that lasted him almost 30 years. He had done work for Film, Television and Stage.

Having retired from that in 2009 Joe picked up ventriloquism again and has begun to run full steam ahead into entertaining the masses once again.

With his extensive fabrication experience from all of the years creating special effects, Joe also creates all of his one of a kind original ventriloquist figures except for his little Al Lee Ens.

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Joe LaPenna’s Reviews.

Excellent, to say the least!

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Joe will do exactly make a figure with everything you want him to put into it! Whether it's from a sketch, or just an idea, Joe finds a way to make your idea far beyond your wildest dreams of a character! Also, he does it in record time! I highly recommend anyone who has a figure idea and wants it done the right way, to head over to Joe! (He's working on my 3rd character from him now!)

Fast and Fabulous

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Joe is awesome and his figures are even better. He is a smart, funny, creative and wickedly talented. He has created three figures for me and I got them all in record time. His order to delivery time frame has been mind-boggling especially since he has a real full-time job. What’s his secret? PASSION. Joe has a passion for figure building and creating characters. Joe is very creative and accommodating. Ask him and he’ll try to make it happen for you. He’s fearless. He’ll try anything.

The Wildman of Vent Builders!

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I recently purchased a custom figure from Joe. Even though I am a personal friend of his, I can say without any bias that his work is fantastic! His characters are well thought out and the execution is great! His SPEED is unheard of...not sure if he ever sleeps! You wont be disappointed if you work with he will make you laugh your ass off every time you talk with him! 🙂

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