Dan Payes

Dan Payes Puppetry is the choice of professional ventriloquists and collectors worldwide.Puppet Creations by Dan Payes have been seen on:

" Admission " ( with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd )
ABC's " The Neighbors "
Showtime's "Gigolos"
ABC's " Modern Family " ( used by Sofia Vergara )
NBC's " The Marriage Ref "
ABC's " Brothers and sisters "
MTV's " Runs House "
Independent films and Television Commercials.
are used on stage all over the world by ventriloquial entertainers LIKE YOU !

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Dan Payes' Reviews.

Good Stuff!

5 5 1
Dan makes great figures for cheap! Good communication as well, which is a big plus. Smooth mechanics, but the control stick is HUGE, which makes for hard manipulation

Fabulous work!

5 5 1
I love my figure, great audience response, wonderful versitile character. I have no complaints I love my figure.

Great Work

5 5 1
I own 3 Dan Payes figures and they are great. Dan has a great imagination and his grumpy old men and goofy guy figures are second to none. If you're looking for a stock figure you can't do any better than checking out his figures on Ebay.

Great Figure Maker

5 5 1
I have several figures that Dan has made for me over the years. He thinks outside the box and that is just fine for me.

Wonderful product!

5 5 1
I bought my Dan Payes figure a few years back. (2011 or 2012). He holds up perfect and works perfect. Love the paint job. Smooth mechanics and a great audience response!
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