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Dan Payes

Dan Payes Puppetry is the choice of professional ventriloquists and collectors worldwide.Puppet Creations by Dan Payes have been seen on:

” Admission ” ( with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd )
ABC’s ” The Neighbors ”
Showtime’s “Gigolos”
ABC’s ” Modern Family ” ( used by Sofia Vergara )
NBC’s ” The Marriage Ref ”
ABC’s ” Brothers and sisters ”
MTV’s ” Runs House ”
Independent films and Television Commercials.
are used on stage all over the world by ventriloquial entertainers LIKE YOU !

Dan Payes’ Star Rating on Cybervent.

danpayes Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 6 reviews
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Dan Payes’ Reviews.

Good Stuff!

5 5 1
Dan makes great figures for cheap! Good communication as well, which is a big plus. Smooth mechanics, but the control stick is HUGE, which makes for hard manipulation

Fabulous work!

5 5 1
I love my figure, great audience response, wonderful versitile character. I have no complaints I love my figure.

Great Work

5 5 1
I own 3 Dan Payes figures and they are great. Dan has a great imagination and his grumpy old men and goofy guy figures are second to none. If you're looking for a stock figure you can't do any better than checking out his figures on Ebay.

Great Figure Maker

5 5 1
I have several figures that Dan has made for me over the years. He thinks outside the box and that is just fine for me.

Wonderful product!

5 5 1
I bought my Dan Payes figure a few years back. (2011 or 2012). He holds up perfect and works perfect. Love the paint job. Smooth mechanics and a great audience response!

Dan 'Gets It"

5 5 1
Dan is finishing up my 2nd figure from his bench. Unfortunately some rough times forced me to sell a previous fantastic figure. Finally getting another and this one is really me...I instantly relate to the little fella's character so is easy to write for and come up with the perfect voice. When it comes to 'Character', Dan gets it and nails it. And the mechanics are choice and communication is the best. Also Dan's prices are for workers!
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