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Corey Coleman

Corey Coleman - Mask

Corey Coleman – Mask

A couple of years ago, some very good friends of Coreys asked him to build them ventriloquist masks. They are both professionals and wanted something very specific. A couple of months later, he had built his first masks. That was only the beginning…… Since then he has built masks for many many comics, vents, clowns, and evangelists all over the world.

Corey Coleman’s Star Rating on Cybervent.

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Corey Coleman’s Reviews.

Excellent Product !

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I own a Coleman Vent Mask ... This is a Quality Product .. Very Durable Cable Mask .. Looks great too ! I love using it.. Thank you Corey Coleman ..

Talent that's Blossomed!

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WOW. It's so wonderful to see talent blossom, and that's what we see in Corey Coleman. I've done a VERY SHORT mask bit in my show with many characters and I used a mask done by a talented artist and also the Axtell Mic Mouth. On my last special (meaning I may not want to do the drive ever again) North American school tour I switched to a Corey Coleman mask -- and it got great results. I've had him actually build me several different types. What is EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE about Corey: a)the designs give instant laughs b)the masks move super smoothly and fit easily over someone's head (I use the adjustable strap a lot and can use even the big mask on a kid as young as 3 and an adult as old as 98 and I HAVE) c)he delivers when he says he will d)he stands by his work. Even if there is a minor quirk he wants it back to fix it. These are durable, super high quality, have high visual impact..and he stands by his work. I've seen how his artistry grows and grows and I'm betting in the future he'll also do some full figures. AND he's a super nice guy and a great family man (I stopped by and visited him in Utah). A plus to him as a (dummy face) figure builder and person. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


4 5 1
I bought my first dummy mask from Corey about a year ago, it was before the better head gear but the look was very good. Since then I have bought 2 additional characters and all three are great hits in my performances. Thinking maybe I should get 2 more and would go back to Corey with no worries.


5 5 1
Best damn mask I've ever worked with. Easy slip on, with no discomfort with that "fits the face" and natural comedic look brings more believability to the entire effect. As a professional performer I want more than just the "gag". With a Corey Coleman mask it's a sure fire hit

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