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Chance Wolf


Chance has worked for over 35 years as a commercial artist.

His work can be found in nationally recognized comic book titles such as Spawn , Shadowhawk, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and  Toy Designer for McFarlane Toys.  Chance also received an Emmy Certificate honoring his work as one of five Main Character Designer for the Emmy Award Winning HBO animated series “SPAWN”.

His compilation of experience in Illustration, Toy Designer, Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing, combined with his childhood fascination with Ventriloquist figures, drew him to the ultimate creative challenge…

Creating three dimensional LIVING CARTOONS…so to speak.

Within a few weeks of discovering the new art of modern Ventriloquist Figures, Chance took after it like a dog on a bone. His first figure build utilized a Mike Brose kit.  It was natural instinct to begin designing his own mechanical methods combined with traditional methods and the first result was not too shabby.

The bug had bitten and Chance decided to take the next year to study the art, the market and form a business model that could possibly work.

On January 1, 2016 Wolf VENTS was born!

Visit Chance’s website Wolf VENTS CLICK HERE!

Chance Wolf’s Star Rating on Cybervent.

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Chance Wolf’s Reviews.

A true professional

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I used Chance Wolf for a Custom Selberg tune-up and service door addition. He completed the job in a timely manner and stayed in contact with me through the entire process. The service door he added needed to be perfect because it was installed on a mostly bald head. The results were flawless! He used high powered magnets so that no screws were needed and the hole he cut and airbrush paint match he did were amazing. When the job required more than the estimated hours he graciously lowered his fee in order to stick with his original estimate. I would highly recommend using Chance for any restoration project and if the quality of work in his line of figures are anything like his restoration work they would also be an excellent choice for a new figure purchase.

Outstanding in His Field !

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Three Cheers for Chance Wolf !!! What an honor to have met Chance at the 2016 ConVENTion. Dependable & down to Earth .. A true Expert in Figure making and repairs .. He fixed my Stanley right up ! I Highly recommend Chance Wolf ... He's truly "Outstanding"at what he does ..!

A Modern Master

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I am the only person on the planet that owns four Chance Wolf figures. I own all three of the figures in his current line and a custom one of a kind. They are all amazing. The detail is stunning, the mechanics are the highest quality (all direct linkage) and operate beautifully, the characters are innovative and versatile. These are pretty much the Italian Sports Cars of ventriloquist figures. Chance Wolf has been a commercial artist and mechanical engineer his entire professional life and has worked on some pretty prominent projects like Spawn and TMNT. He has also built and run one of the top magic manufacturing businesses and industry. Building quality props (functional art) and running a full time business making props for performers is nothing new to Chance. This is something that is clearly evident when you do business with him. He knows how to manage his time and take care of his customers. He doesn’t over promise and under-deliver like so many in our industry, he does the exact opposite. He is a quality person and a top notch businessman. He also knows what performers need out of their props and he builds things that are professional grade and runs his business with care and concern for his customers. Chance also does amazing repairs and restorations with extremely quick turnarounds. He can make old puppets look brand new or make antique puppets function like new but look vintage or original. His talent is limitless. If that’s isn’t a big enough endorsement, I have to mention that Chance is a nice friendly and approachable guy as well. You could talk to him for hours and he will talk to you. He also has a passion and deep respect for the art of ventriloquism, figure making and performing. In his relatively short stint in the business of figure making he has immersed himself, studied, learned and grown more than most do in a lifetime. His knowledge, skill and artistry is only surpassed by his willingness share and his desire to serve the vent community. I can not give Chance or his figures high enough praise. I have personally been buying stuff and collaborating with him on projects for 10 years. His work will be engrained in the history of ventriloquism for his innovations and contribution to the art. Thank you Chance Wolf.

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