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Brant Gilmer has been making Ventriloquist Figures for over 30 years. He is an avid woodworker with experience in woodcarving and furniture making. He has also made three guitars and has done many restorations of accordions. He has many years experience working as a Tool Designer, Machine Designer and Manufacturing Engineer and applies what he has learned over the years to making vent figures.

Brant makes custom hand carved one of a kind wood figures per the customer’s request. His figures are among the best in quality of workmanship with dependable trouble free smooth mechanics. Brant has a great reputation in the vent community for never being late on a delivery date which his customers say is very important to them. Brant has made many types of vent figures whether it be boy figures, old man figures, replica figures and animal figures. Brant has made figures for many well known ventriloquists here in the U.S.A. and other countries.

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Brant Gilmer’s Star Rating on Cybervent.

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Brant Gilmer’s Reviews.

Artistry + Craftsmanship = Brant Gilmer

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Brant has built all of my "working" figures since 1989. He is also one of the best-kept secrets out there. His name is rarely mentioned with the "big guys", only because he's kept busy doing more custom work for existing customers! He doesn't need a flashy website or endless self-promotion on social media....he's already booked solid for the next two years! Many in the community aren't familiar with him at all....and it's their loss. On the other hand, that works to the advantage of those of us who *do* know about him. If no one "new" discovers him, those of us "in the know" will continue to have him all to ourselves! Brant's background is mechanical engineering, which is one of the main reasons he is known in particular for his amazingly smooth mechanics and controls. Brant has never said to me (or anyone else that I know of), "No, I can't do that." If he doesn't know how to do something a client wants, he simply figures it out (He's an's what he does). Someone recently made a big deal out of a "new" idea another figuremaker had...a stick-out tongue that works automatically with the mouth lever. That's not new... to the best of my knowledge, it was *my* idea originally, and Brant figured out how to make it work and put it in a figure for me *years* ago. One of Brant's most impressive qualities is his time management. To my knowledge, he's never made an excuse for a figure being late. And that's because he's never *had* to. When Brant gives you a completion date for your figure, that's when you get it (if not sooner). I own and/or have owned figures by virtually every known 20th century figure maker. For workmanship, reliability, ease of use, and a thousand other reasons, I exclusively use figures made by Brant. That's the highest recommendation I can give!

He's the Only One For Me!

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I own two hard figures Brant built. Both are excellent. They have amazingly smooth mechanics and controls. Brant is always on time in getting your figure to you and he stands behind them for years. I have handled many hard figures over the years and Brant's are the best. I wouldn't have anyone else build one for me.

Gilmer review

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I have a Gilmer that I had made in 1991. It is wonderful. I don't know if you can find smoother mechanics at any price. Speaking of price, his prices are very reasonable for the quality of figure that he produces. Try him for any figure you won't be disappointed and he usually beats his agreed upon delivery date. I am on the list to have another one made.

Top Figures

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About twenty years ago I got a Brant Gilmer figure, his name is Freddy Lime. Freddy had always the request to be a ventriloquist. So he got his own Dummy, little Freddy (a Dummy's Dummy).Together we are like a family and very satisfied. I strongly recommend Brant. His work is excellent. If you would like to see a picture of Freddy go to Fridolin Kalt/Calindo, Switzerland

My Favorite Figure Maker!

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I own six (yep, six!) Brant Gilmer figures. I use them in my shows and videos all the time. They are great characters with smooth working mechanics. If you are in the market for a hard figure, talk to Brant first. You won't regret it.

Awsome figure maker

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I have purchased 5 Brant Gilmer figures. I sold one (Jezebel) and have suffered from seller's remorse ever since. I would refer to his figures as old world craftsmanship blended with space age technology. The carving is amazing, and the mechanics are (in my opinion) the best in the business. The last three custom figures were amazing, better than I ever imagined possible. There are a lot of talented figure makers out there, but if I was going to get another ( my wife would kill me) I would get another Gilmer figure. Here in Florida I had problems with the humidity affecting the mechanics in another builder's figure. Zero problemo's with any of Brant's figures. Highly recommended.

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