Axtell Expressions Trump Puppet Video

This video was originally posted by Ventura County Star!  Enjoy!! You can contact Axtell Expressions about ordering your Trump Puppet today!  CLICK HERE!

Tyler Ellis – The Wichita Eagle

Restoration for dummies: Colwich man runs ventriloquism business Wichita Eagle In the basement of his home, Ellis, 30, runs Dapper Dummies, an online business that creates and repairs ventriloquist dummies for […]

Unboxing of My Mary Ann Taylor Dodo Bird

When should you use your animation with your figure?

This question was asked by Michael Fisher on Worldvents on Facebook. “I recently acquired a Selberg “MAX” with the upper lip movement when I make him talk I move the […]

Great Special News about Vent Haven Ventriloquist ConVENTion 2016!

  Added Vent Haven Bonus: I am pleased to announce that the fabulous Scott Land Marionettes will be doing a special show for the Vent Haven ConVENTion on the opening […]

Third Installment of Maher Ventriloquist Radio Available Now!

THIRD “MAHER VENTRILOQUIST RADIO” BROADCAST RELEASED TODAY! The third installment of “Maher Ventriloquist Radio” is released today to the vent community free of charge.  Hear three professional vents, Mark Wade, […]

Steve Axtell’s Performance at the Vent Haven Ventriloquist ConVENTion 2015

New RULES on Figure Maker Reviews

This is just so we don’t get reviews from people with “Internet Muscles” so to speak.  If I had no ethics and wanted to make all of the figure makers I […]

Gene Perret’s First Article Posted and More!

First Article by Gene Perret is Now Available! I’m excited if no one else is.  We have a 3 time Emmy Award Winning comedy writer helping us learn how to […]

Ventriloquist News 07.29.2015

Paul Zerdin gets the Golden Buzzer on AGT Paul Zerdin “America’s Got Talent” Video: Marlon Wayans Uses Golden Buzzer For Funny … Gossip Cop “America’s Got Talent” guest judge Marlon […]