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So I'm sure most of you caught the finale of America's Got Talent last night.  We in the ventriloquist community are so excited about Darci Lynne winning AGT for a couple reasons.  First because she is such a talent and second because it puts ventriloquism to the fore front once again.  Interesting enough this is the third time that a ventriloquist has won AGT.  The only category that has more wins are singers.  This is an accomplishment itself.  Terry Fator, Paul Zerdin and now Darci Lynne.

What I learned by watching the finals last night is what a bond the contestants get with each other.  No better example then when the names of Preacher Lawson & Darci were called at the same time.  Now they both knew that one of them was being eliminated.  Preacher Lawson found it humorous.  As soon as he saw it was Darci you could tell by his actions that he was thinking, "Well, this was a good run!  See ya!!"

But what I found even more touching was the way that Darci responded because she also knew the results before they were read.  Was she full of emotions because she was not eliminated?  I don't think so.  I really think she was sad that her friend was leaving (even if for just a short period of time).  You can tell by the video below that her and Preacher really have a great relationship.

I'm pretty sure Darci had no idea she was going to be making it to the finals on AGT.  If you remember what she said in her audition.  She wanted to make ventriloquism popular again.  So her goal was to get people interested in ventriloquism like they were back in the days of Paul Winchell, Jimmy Nelson and Shari Lewis.  Did she?  Well if the activity on Cybervent is any sign of the impact Darci had then I would say ABSOLUTELY!  Check out the chart of activity below.  We are having one of our best months ever and we still have 9 days left!


It was a very emotional night for Darci and we all wish her the best and we know what a success she is going to be.  She works hard and perfects her talents better than most adults.  And don't you worry about the money & fame ruining Darci.  She's got great family support, great faith and a grounded attitude.  So one more time we would like to say CONGRATULATIONS DARCI!!!  Can't wait to see you live one more time.  Hope to see you at the Vent Haven ConVENTion in 2018!!

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