Figure Makers

Axtell Expressions
The king of soft latex figures Steve Axtell.  Most all ventriloquists including the famous, have at least one Axtell in their collection.  Check out Steve's reasonable priced figures today!!

Mary Ann Taylor
MAT Puppets are the creations of Mary Ann Taylor. From the MAT Puppets studio in Salem, Virginia (USA), Mary Ann works with ventriloquists, puppeteers, theatre groups and various organizations to bring foam, fabrics and ideas to life. Her custom-made figures generally feature moving mouths and are very light weight.

Maher Studios
Our business is teaching & equipping, but serving you is our pleasure! The friendly staff of Maher Studios is no accident. We enjoy our work and customers soon become friends. Our award winning products and services have been featured nationally by NBC-TV Today Show, CBS-TV Evening News, The New York Times, and The Denver Post to name a few. Feel  free to browse through Our website with anticipation and order with confidence. Questions? Just ask. We take pride in our quality products and prompt service, and every item is backed by our famous 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Imaginarium Galleries
As a professional ventriloquist figure maker, Albert continues to strive for the highest level of excellence in every aspect of his work. His greatest joy is knowing that his legacy will live on through his children.

Robert McRay's Big Heads
Custom built "signature" figures, for the professional entertainer, serious art collectors and individuals seeking the perfect gift.
BIGHEAD figures are a refreshing new twist on an old art form.
Creating one of a kind works of "functional art" from pure imagination.

Creative Ministry Solutions
 Creative Ministry Solutions has taken over the assets of One Way Street, Inc. effective September 1, 2011. Dale and Liz VonSeggen, principal owners of Creative Ministry Solutions, are committed to excellent customer service and to offering the very best in creative ministry resources and training!

The Dummy Shoppe
At The Dummy Shoppe, we want to be instrumental in creating ultimate harmony between you the Professional Ventriloquist and the new characters you need to improve your performance with your puppet partners. We don't want to just sell you a dummy. Rather, we want to arrange long term, lasting relationships by creating a good marriage between you and your new puppet partner.
Kem Poyner
Kem's professional handcrafted figures are constructed of very light and durable fiberglass. They are 38 to 41 inches tall and each masterpiece features side to side hand painted eyes, gapless slot mouth and a ball/socket neck. Each has a realistic hollow fiberglass body with stuffed cloth arms and legs. The controls are metal pushrods running through brass guide tubes and will provide years of trouble free smooth response. The figures ship with basic clothing.

Jerry Layne
For over 25 years Jerry Layne has been the leading supplier of professional ventriloquial figures to magic shops, and the motion picture and television industry.

Jerry Layne ventriloquial figures have been featured on many TV shows such as: "Tales from the Crypt", "Captain Kangaroo", "Three's Company", "News Radio", "Nash Bridges", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Sister Sister", "The Drew Carey Show", and the motion pictures "Zapped", "Beautiful", as well as many TV commercials.

Joel Leder
Joel Leder has been creating puppets and ventriloquist characters since the age of nine. Unable to find the type of partner he wanted, Joel decided he had to learn to create his own. Suddenly other ventriloquists and puppeteers requested that Joel create characters for them and DUMMYPRODUCTIONS was born. Ventriloquists from around the world have been using his figures for over twenty years.


Conrad Hartz
Conrad has been building a variety of puppets since 1975 and has developed a reputation as one of the finest makers of quality hand puppets, marionette's, and ventriloquial figures. When you purchase a Hartz figure, you are not investing in an experiment. You can count on him to deliver to you a figure that will not only be pleasing to look at, but provide you with years of trouble free service.

Alan Semok
Alan Semok Ventriloquial Figures are individually hand crafted at the DUMMY DOCTOR WORKSHOP in Somerset, NJ.
Since 1966, he has built hundreds of vent figures, hand puppets, and marionettes (including puppets for network television programs and commercials). However, he has always stressed quality over quantity. The extreme rarity of his figures on the "used dummy market" is a testament to the value the owners place on Alan's work!!

Tim Selberg
Wood figures from Tim's studio are meticulously hand carved from basswood, which comes from the Linden tree. Basswood is preferred because of its durability and very close grain, which allows for finely detailed sculpture. Linden trees grow in the forests for centuries before fully mature. Tim Selberg carefully selects only the finest kiln-dried basswood for his carved figures. Once in his skilled hands a miracle gradually takes place out of the ordinary.